Let’s bring Constitutional School Choice to Oregon Families!

The Data Behind School Choice

School choice works and here's the data to prove it!

At a Glance

School Choice raises outcomes, reduces segregation, improves civics, and saves taxpayer dollars

(Sources: EdChoice, American Federation for Children)

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Studies on school choice participants outcomes found academic improvement

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Studies found school choice raised outcomes for public school students

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Studies found that school choice resulted in less segregated schools

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Studies found that school choice saves money

School Choice is Spreading!

10 states and counting have passed universal school choice programs since 2021
Education choice programs are helping families and students in 32 states across America.

Oregonians Support School Choice!


Voters support school choice


Parents support school choive

Data from Other States

Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP)


  • Higher Graduation Rates: MPCP students had higher on-time graduation rates—76%—than students in Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS)—69%. MPCP students are more likely to enroll as well as persist in a 4-year college than MPS peers.
  • Increased Academic Achievement: MPCP students have higher achievement growth in reading and similar growth in math over four years.
  • Reduced Crime: MPCP students had decreased rates of subsequent criminal activity, especially among males.


Washington, D.C., Opportunity Scholarship Program (OSP)

  • Higher Graduation Rates: OSP students graduated at a rate of 91%, a 21-point increase from those who didn’t receive scholarships. OSP graduation rate is more than 30% higher than D.C. Public Schools. |
  • Increased Academic Achievement: OSP boosted reading scores by 3.7 months of learning over 3 years.


Florida Corporate Tax Credit Scholarship Program

  • Increased Academic Achievement: Annual evaluations show scholarship recipients—mostly low income, minority students—perform just as well or better than students of all incomes and races nationally.
  • Improved Public School Performance: Standardized test scores improved in public schools most likely to lose students to private schools.


New York City School Choice Scholarships Foundation Program

  • Higher College Enrollment Rates: African American students who participated in the New York City program were 6% more likely to enroll in college and were 5% more likely to obtain a college degree. Additionally, the study found a 5% increase in college enrollment and a 3% increase for B.A. attainment for children of mothers born in the United States.


Recommended Reading:

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  • https://www.edchoice.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/A-Win-Win-Solution-The-Empirical-Evidence-on-School-Choice.pdf
  • https://edchoice.morningconsultintelligence.com/oregon/
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