Let’s put School Choice + Open Enrollment on the ballot!  Sign now >>

The Amendments

The Ballot Measures are slated to appear on the November 2024 Ballot

School Choice

School choice gives families the opportunity to direct a portion of their child’s education dollars to the education option that best fits their needs. This includes private school tuition, homeschool curriculum, educational therapy, tutors, computers, transportation, vocational schools, and other approved educational costs… Read More>>

Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment gives families the opportunity to send their child to any Oregon public district or public charter school that has available space, regardless of where the families live or how much… Read More>>

Why Sign Both

Because our children deserve an education without limits. That means putting every option on the table – every public school, every private school, and every educational option that could fit their unique needs. Artificial limits are a thing of the past.

Current Status

We are introducing our new 2024 constitutional amendments:

1) School Choice Amendment — Options for students who want to attend private schools or homeschool

2) Open Enrollment Amendment — Options for students who want to attend public district and public charter schools

We are now collecting petition signatures to put the measures on the Nov 2024 Ballot!

Educational Materials

Here are flyers and graphics that provide important information about our two constitutional education measures. In Oregon, to give lasting protections to families, students, teachers, and schools and thereby ensure the success of the programs it is crucial that we bring Open Enrollment and School Choice to Oregon via constitutional citizen initiatives.

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