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2024 Newsletter – March 28

Fellow Oregonians,

If we thought we had an incredible volunteer effort before this month, March has really blown our socks off! We’ve been collecting a record number of signatures, which is critical because we still have thousands more to gather ahead of our July signature deadline. More on that later…

We could tell you all about the amazing volunteer effort from moms, dads, grandparents, and faithful concerned Oregonians, but we’d rather show you! A picture is worth a thousand words and our volunteers have been sending us some really great ones…

We’ll start with a favorite, because these precious kids who hopped aboard our Let Them Learn School Bus are exactly why we’re fighting for a better education future for Oregon.


I’m ready to sign now!

Now let me level with you.

We’re the closest we’ve ever been to making school choice and open enrollment a reality in Oregon. And yet, if we don’t increase our daily number of signatures gathered ahead of the June 30, 2024 deadline, that may all be at risk.

**We need your signature, and we need you to help us collect more**

👉 Could you increase your walk around your neighborhood to include asking 10 of your neighbors to sign petitions?
👉 Could you join us for a few hours in the sunshine at a Farmers Market signing event and help us get 100 signatures?
👉 Could you forward this email to 100 of your Oregon contacts?
👉 Could you pass around petitions among other parents while on the sidelines of your child’s or grandchild’s sports games?
👉 Can you share our Let Them Learn Posts on your social media pages?

THIS is the time to take action. We have an amazing opportunity before us to bring education options to Oregon families. We can’t let it slip away because we were too busy with other things to get fully involved.

Please ask yourself, what can I do RIGHT NOW to help Oregon students access a quality education before it’s too late?

Here are the best ways for you to get involved today:

  1. Sign both petitions to get the two measures on the ballot (if you haven’t, do that before you finish this email!)
  2. Gather signatures from your friends, family and neighbors
  3. Volunteer to help us gather signatures and share our message to Oregonians
  4. Donate to our campaigns

We’re so close to flipping the negative headlines and forging a new, positive path for our students with parents empowered, students learning in environments suited to their unique needs, and achievement rising.

Today is the day to invest in that reality. The time is NOW.

Thank you for engaging with us. As always, stay tuned…

For Oregon,
Donna Kreitzberg

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